27 February 2021



Sometimes, when we lived in the village, there would be a tap on the door.  We would open it to find nobody there but a basket of something on the doorstep.  

Sometimes it would be a bunch of flowers from a neighbour's garden.

Often it would be a basket of produce from their allotment.

It's hard to describe the feeling you get from this aspect of French village life.  

Bon weekend!


  1. There must be a term for these surprise gifts, surely? I knew a woman who, if she heard that someone had a heavy cold, she would leave a bag by the door containing a jar of honey and a couple of lemons. And she always used a Sharpie to draw smiley faces on the fruit. She reckoned it was better to spend the money on that than on a get well card.

  2. Your blog posts have me missing your French home and village and I’ve never even been there. I do hope you can travel back there again soon.