12 March 2021


Teatime (apéro time) in Le Grand-Pressigny.

This teatime, here in the UK, we will be celebrating a friend's 70th birthday.  Via Zoom.  I have to say I am not a great fan of Zoom.  As a way to catch up with friends we're not allowed to meet with it's better than nothing but it's a poor substitute for the real thing - for clinking a glass with and hugging the birthday girl - and a real party.  When I think of Zoom in the future it will forever remind me of the disappointments of this last twelve months.  

I have a meeting with a financial advisor booked for Monday which will also be via Zoom.  The question is, will Daisy insist on walking over the keyboard just as we get to the nitty gritty of what to do with the proceeds from the sale of my dad's house?  Part of me hopes that she does !!

The coronavirus "numbers" are definitely heading in the right direction but the roads yesterday, as we went to fetch our groceries, were incredibly busy.  I worry that too many people think that because so many of those that might otherwise end up in hospital have been vaccinated that they needn't stay home any more.  Although goodness only knows where they're going as everywhere is closed.  

We are tentatively hoping to travel to France in the summer.  It's too early to make real plans, although we probably should book a crossing before there are none left.  And of course the dreaded Brexit adds a level of complication that we need to get our heads around - the pet health certificates for one thing, and deciding if it's worth even considering getting a visa just in case it becomes possible to stay beyond our Schengen allowance.  Forward planning is so much more complicated than it used to be.

As for the blog, after a bit of pruning, it will probably carry on pretty much as before, largely because I've discovered that changing it is just so much hard work!!

Bon weekend !!


  1. We are in the same position as you regarding planning a visit to our house in the Vendee. To cheer myself up I've booked my ferry for the end of July in the hope that everything will have settled down (a little!!) by then! Don't get despondent, just think about how much you're going to enjoy your first visit back to France. PS Glad that you're continuing with the blog, I enjoy reading it.

    1. I hear that infections are not going in the right direction in France. I only hope that with all the effort we have put into getting the virus under control in the UK we will not be prevented from travelling to our French home because of the situation there. This is so frustrating!

  2. And we are in the opposite situation. Still here in Italy and now the whole of our region is going into the red zone, full lockdown, until after Easter as infections increase. We don’t need to return to the U.K., we have plenty to keep us occupied, space and isolation but the mere fact we cannot travel is starting to weigh on my mind. Sunshine and local wine maybe the answer.

    1. Jenny, whilst on the one hand I envy your situation regarding how much better the weather is there, I totally understand your point. It's the feeling of being trapped that's unsettling.