27 December 2021



The Christmas market in La Roche-Posay, December 2016.

Well Christmas chez nous (the UK chez nous) has been and gone.  We had a nice time, my brother, his daughter and my dad joining us for lunch.

On Christmas Eve, after phoning round numerous pharmacies, we managed to get the last box of covid lateral flow tests to be had locally.  The last one I phoned said they only had two left so to go straight round.  I changed out of my PJ's in record time and got there just in time to get the last one.  We performed the tests on Christmas morning and with negative results we felt as comfortable as we could be to go ahead with the lunch.

Yesterday, Boxing Day (a very British celebration I believe) Nick and I went out for a drive in the fog.  One of the disappointing things about Christmas this year is that the weather has been so AWFUL!  Fog, rain, drizzle, not a drop of sunshine for days.

However, it was nice to get out of the house but not so nice to see that every pub car park was full of cars.  Which means every pub was full of maskless people enjoying themselves.

My neighbour has a friend who works in a nearby major hospital.  She says the NHS is already overwhelmed, long queues of ambulances outside A&E, corridors full of trolleys, operations and clinics cancelled to divert staff to covid wards to cover for absentees.

There is trouble ahead I think.  Time for us to keep our heads down.

May 2022 bring us nearer to normality.


  1. I tried to buy auto-tests today at the pharmacy and they've run out here too. Absolutely everybody has been testing non stop.

  2. So pleased you had a good Christmas, hope 2022 only brings frustrations and no major crisis.
    My daughter managed to get me some tests during the week before Christmas. I went down so ill, all the symptoms, but have, and still am, testing negative. I stayed in bed since Boxing day and let my body fight it.... Feeling much better now but will be funny if today's test is positive!!!
    The fog outside has gone today as well..... There might even be a touch of blue sky showing in the corner....
    Better days are coming.....

  3. Case numbers are quite high in France as well. I'd certainly be in favor of folks like you coming over and overstaying your Schengen time limits by saying you were afraid to go back the the U.K. though!
    Best wishes for a saner and safer 2022!

  4. Keep safe and well and do the right thing, always.