22 May 2022


Well thank goodness for that, I have my blog back!

As several people suggested, it seemed to be a signing in problem, Google, Windows or some other gremlin mucking about with my settings while my back was turned.  Well, it's sorted now and normal service will be resumed.  I am not a fan of single finger typing and find faffing about with pictures on my iPad way too fiddly.  Give me a laptop and a proper keyboard any day!

The brocante season is back in full swing and these are my finds from a couple of weeks ago.  6€ the lot!

The cake stand seems to have some age to it.  The stonewear pitcher is probably not that old but fits well with the rustic feel of the house.

The star of the show is the patterned jug.  I didn't spot it first time around but gave the lady's table a second glance on the way back to the car.  It was more or less hidden under a bunch of horrid plastic flowers so I picked it up, took the flowers out and thought it looked rather nice.

I then looked at the mark on the bottom which said "Gien" and thought she would probably want about 15€ for it at least.  I decided I would offer 10€ and see if the budgie bites.

When she said 2€ I didn't hesitate.  It's lovely.


  1. Great - laptop and keyboard for me all the way!

  2. I am glad to see you posting again. I like the items, especially the brown pitcher

  3. Welcome back, glad it was nothing serious.
    Keyboard is a defo for me as well.
    Love your bargains but the cakestand is a winner for me, brings back childhood memories

  4. Oh I do think the patterned jug is attractive and the price too.