9 September 2022


The Queen visited the John Smedley factory at Lea Bridge in Derbyshire, famous for its quality knitwear supplied to many royal households, in May 1968.  We lived in the village at that time and there was much excitement.  That afternoon I was taking my little brother for a walk and as we walked along the footpath I heard a car approaching.  I turned to see a big black car drive by and waved.  The Queen was in the back seat and she smiled and waved back.    There was nobody else around and I shall never forget that moment - when the Queen waved just to me and my brother.

She has been a constant presence throughout my life, always dignified and above all the in fighting of politicians, the vulgarity of celebrity, royal or otherwise.  She lived her life with honour and compassion, both unfashionable qualities amongst our most recent leaders.  We will miss her.


  1. A life dedicated to duty and service. May she rest in peace

  2. Many folks on this side of the pond will miss her too.