22 December 2022



As we were well out of step with our days, in other words I had spent so much more time back in the UK than Nick, I returned to France ten days before he did.  The weather was glorious.

Hugo and I enjoyed our walks together.  There had been some rain so the grass was less parched.  The trees were beginning to turn autumn gold.
September is our favourite month to be in France.

Breakfast for one.

Even before Nick arrived I started work on clearing the upstairs for work to begin on the roof and windows.

It was a huge job.

There is never a shortage of jobs with an old house.

The gate was causing us trouble.  The gatepost on the right was gradually falling outwards which meant the gates didn't meet in the middle properly and the electric opening mechanism often wouldn't work.  They also needed painting and the thought of spending a whole week painting a pair of tatty old gates did not appeal!

We spoke to the builder and plans were made to have a new gate and gateposts.  It would be half a metre wider which would make turning in easier, especially for delivery vans and builders lorries, of which we seemed to need more than we ever thought!

Meanwhile, back in the UK, my brother was still in intensive care.

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