9 July 2023


Three am thump, thump, thump, thump, dadadadadadada

The end of school year rave in a barn three farms away.

Five am Boom, boom

Thunder storm

Five thirty thump, thump, dadadadadadada clatter, clatter

The dog's feet on the wooden staircase.  He needs to go out. The cat follows him out.

Six am crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch

The cat is devouring a freshly caught mouse on the bedroom floor.

Bang, bang, crack, crack

Hunters shooting deer or boar at the edge of the wood.  They’ve been feasting on the crops.  Our spy camera captured a family of five boar at the back of the house last week.  Deer regularly appear on the wrong side of the barrier meant to keep them out of the crops.

Boom, boom, crash, crash

The thunderstorm now right overhead

Six forty five thump, thump, dadadadadada 

Whump, whump

The cat's mouse makes a reappearance on the bedroom floor

Thump, thump, dadadadadada

Grumble, grumble, mutter mutter, damn that cat

I fetch kitchen roll, cloths and marigolds from downstairs 

Seven am thump, thump, dadadadadadadada

Bang, bang, 

The guns go off again

Clitter, clatter, pitter, patter

The rain begins

Seven thirty rumble, rumble

The thunderstorm moves away.

Eight am all is quiet and I am exhausted.

A thunderbolt sets fire to the roof of the eglise at Descartes, destroying it.


  1. Jean, you have got to put this up on Facemincer.... once you've slept of course... it is hillllllarious!! Poor you!
    (Something wrong with Giggle Accounts... Giggle selected, still posts as an onny mouse! 'Tis Tim here!!)

  2. Quiet day today seems in order after all that!

  3. Every year I grow more sympathetic for The Grinch who just wanted no more noise.

  4. Thanks goodness we live in a quiet tiny hamlet, but so very sad about the church. Cheers Diane

  5. I don’t understand why the locals never object. We have discos and fireworks through the summer in Italy. Luckily we are well away from the action but still hear it, must be hell living close as you discovered.