27 August 2023


It has been a strange summer, weatherwise.

Temperatures have been up and down.  Most of the entertaining we have done has ended up indoors because of rain showers.  The grass is still green(ish) whereas normally by this time of year everything is crozzled and brown.

Thankfully we have not had the prolonged heat waves of previous years and summer seemed to take a while to get going.  Then last week we had temperatures in the mid 30's but along with that came a humidity that made it seem hotter.  And of course the biting insects arrived with the humidity.  They had been mercifully largely absent so far but they arrived with a vengeance.  We had not missed them!

A constant all year has been the wind.  Even the warm sunny days had a brisk breeze.  Good for drying the washing!  

Now the heatwave has gone and temperatures are comfortable again.  September is just around the corner, my favourite month.  We have visitors coming and we hope to enjoy some late summer sunshine.


  1. Last week was ridiculously hot, I hated even walking out of the door once the sun was up. I never complain about 'too hot' but I even succeeded in getting a heat rash last week!! Today, Sunday, we went out to lunch and the tables were all outside, it was cloudy with a very cold wind they brought blankets around to everyone!!! We are about 300mm of rain short on the norm at this time of the year.
    Keep cool Cheers Diane

  2. We went out to a National Trust property. I took my sunhat - but as we pulled into the car park, the heavens opened, and I was glad I had an umbrella. Many departing visitors were running back to their cars utterly soaked through.

  3. May your September be a lovely month for you.