23 February 2024


Last weekend we were fooled into thinking Spring had arrived!  We got the outdoor tables out and I oiled the wooden chairs and benches.  We went to the garden centre for some new plants and even had a barbecue!

This week we’re back to winter.  Yesterday it rained all day and was blowing a hoolie. Our lovely daffodils are blasted to bits and the wind even blew a whole mistletoe plant out of a tree.

Still, Yvonne was very happy to lend a hand with a jigsaw puzzle!

Today I have made a "school cake" and poached some chicken ready for making six litres of cock-a-leekie soup for an event in the village tomorrow.  Time passes pleasantly, in spite of the 'orrible weather!


  1. Wooooo! Yvonne has very quickly made herself at home...
    And what a hooooolie did blow.... I took some long exposures of the wind.... the trees were lashing about and the Magpies have lost their nest of four years... poor things have been hopping around up there.... but they'll rebuild.... the willows are nice and tall, but when the "TGVs" roar down this little valley, they are also the most flexible.... whomping willows indeed.
    Looking forward to the Leaky Cockerel!!

  2. We got some gusty gales, but nothing to write home about. Today, rain...

    1. We had some very strong gusts of wind, enough to scatter branches on the garden and the road.
      We're definitely ready for some better weather now. Enough is enough!!