23 March 2009


Nick was just browsing the net one day and came across several blogs about the Loire Valley. He thought that blogging seemed like a fun idea so he started one himself. Then I decided it might be fun for me too and that I might have something interesting to say that other people might even want to read. So here we go.......

Lots of people have already written about their dream of owning a house in France and the process of actually doing it. Each story is similar but different and I thought ours was worth writing too, so it was time I had a go myself. It's now or never.

None of these houses is ours - but they're very near.

I will start at the beginning of our adventures in France and gradually bring the story up to date.
This has been my very first blog/post/page of the story. There will be more to follow soon.

If each one takes as long as this, I'll never finish the ironing !!


  1. Well done darling!

    Now all you need is an anorak!!

    Where's my dinner?

  2. Your dinner's in the dog. I'm busy blogging.