13 August 2010


We are having a typically disappointing summer in our patch of the UK. It happens every year. We get some proper summer days in June and July, then as soon as the schools break up for the six-week holiday, it all goes pear-shaped. Today is particularly dismal. Grey, drizzly and actually quite dark. So I looked back on the photos I took during my "girls weekend" in Le Grand-Pressigny at the beginning of August and these flower pictures cheered me up. . .

  This is a dahlia that Nick planted last year. It was not in bloom when he saw it in July. I hope it stays in flower for another couple of weeks so he can see it for himself.

  This begonia was an afterthought - a few plants were grabbed hurriedly when we packed the car for our trip in May. We stuffed them in our French garden wherever there seemed to be a space. Nick hasn't seen this in bloom yet, either. For myself, I am somewhat disappointed that it isn't a lovely warm, sunny day today. But it really doesn't matter that much. I am off work today. In fact I am off work every Friday from now on. I now work a three-day week. So it doesn't matter if it chucks it down, life is good. . (However, if the weather man would send us some someshine, I would be ever so pleased.)


  1. Those pictures will cheer anybody up. But if it is any consolation it is grey and dreary here today as well:) Diane

  2. Jean, Welcome to the club! Since April last year I nolonger work on Fridays. I really enjoy this extra day. Plus, I've taken next Monday off too (exceptionally). I'm therefore enjoying an extra-extra long weekend.
    Btw, it's sunny overhere ... and your photos make it even more sunnier. Thanks for posting them.

  3. We've had a very nice summer here in Saint-Aignan this year. But now the next three days are supposed to be gray and damp. Maybe the weather forecasters are wrong.

    I remember San Francisco summer. Gray, drizzly, and windy. Chilly. Touraine summers are better.

  4. We've had a few very hot days; otherwise, we still seem to be in Canada's monsoon capital — rain tomorrow, rain yesterday, more rain today. (I'm fairly certain that even a particular literary "queen" would not be amused.)

  5. This is how I learned the expression "un temps maussade." Seems to apply a lot.

  6. England is England Jean.
    Welcome to the club of a three-day week. What occupies your time for the rest of the week?

    As you know, I paint, but I have to be really disciplined.

  7. Smashing pictures, as always.

    The word verfication is "shmeth". What a good description for drizzly weather. It's a bit shmeth out today.

    On Woman's Hour today, someone was recommending cooking with dahlias and using them in salads. Mind, she made a soup that sounded like sick so you might want to try it out on a modest scale first!

    Mad x