20 August 2010


This shoe shop in Chinon has been selling these same shoes since I first went there in 1994. I have seen several ladies around the town wearing them and I bought a blue pair myself about ten years ago. They are extremely comfortable and I still wear them. However, when I went there on our girls' weekend this year, they were closed for annual holidays.

Quel dommage. I fancied a red pair.


  1. Am I the only one to be perpetually amused that in a country which defends its' language so vigorously, everything is labelled
    'Made in France'?

    The British must have retained power over some obscure international legal requirement.

  2. FITW - the notice has always been there. At first I thought it was for the English tourists in Chinon but like you I have seen it on many different French products and often wondered why it is written in English rather than in French.

  3. Ah, but Jean; now you have an excuse to go back, at another time! One cannot keep a woman from her shoe purchases. Vraiment.

  4. Cheer up! You'll be in LGP presentely. I'm sure you can persuade Nick to take you shoe shopping in Chinon! Which do you fancy most: those with the strap or those without?

  5. Chinon,
    One of our favorite places.