26 October 2010


We stumbled across another privately owned chateau on the way home from Poitiers the day that it rained on and off all day. This one was at Dissay, which is about half way between Poitiers and Chatellerault.

  Although privately owned, you can visit the chateau on a few days each year, details of which can be found here. It is a very fine building in the truly grand Loire style. It was built by Pierre d'Amboise, Bishop of Poitiers in the fifteenth century.

  The village of Dissay has a slightly sad and down-at-heel feel to it. Or at least it did on the day we passed through. Maybe the grey skies and showers didn't help to make it look more appealing.


It would be nice to look around the house and grounds, if we could possibly manage to be chez nous on one of the days it is open to the public.
One of the interesting things we have found about our own village of Le Grand-Pressigny is that whatever the weather has been doing all day, come apéro time, the wind usually dies down, the rain stops and the sun comes out. The day we passed through Dissay was no exception. By the time we got home the skies were blue and we could sit on our little terrace enjoying the early evening entertainment provided by the church bells and the swallows. In the shadow of our own, very special, chateau.



  1. This is one that is worth visiting by the look of it. There are so many around and some are just so beautiful. Diane

  2. Sue and I took the opportunity to view your Chateau last March when visiting Simon, Susan and of course Celestine. What a shame you were elsewhere.
    As I wrire this I see our word verification is Voyer. Surely all of us bloggers have a little of this in our personality.

  3. Is this the view that you have from your terrace, of the old and the new?

  4. Sweetpea - I wish it was !! But at least we only have to walk a few metres up the hill to see this view, which is every time we take Lulu for a walk.