31 December 2010


On our wedding anniversary we went to L’Ardoise in Chinon for lunch. Very good it was too; 17 euros for three courses, all quite delicious and served perfectly.

DEC HOLS 2010 043

We have been visiting Chinon regularly for those 16 years and it has changed steadily year by year. Shops and cafes come and go, change hands or disappear.

DEC HOLS 2010 044

DEC HOLS 2010 047

My favourite shoe shop was selling comfy slippers instead of its usual selection of summer sandals.

DEC HOLS 2010 046

This smart gallery used to sell interesting underwear of the very expensive and impractical kind.

DEC HOLS 2010 049

DEC HOLS 2010 048

Very smart dwellings are often right next to places that have been unloved for a long time.

DEC HOLS 2010 050

There are always plenty of places for sale.

DEC HOLS 2010 052

I remember this building being gutted and restored a few years ago. It has housed various enterprises since and now seems to be selling fancy scarves and ornaments.

DEC HOLS 2010 055

This is one of those doorways that fascinate me. I wonder if what is inside is just as grand as the outside, although it still suffers from unwanted “PUB”.


  1. You do have to wonder how they managed to get planning permission for that knicker shop....

  2. Christmas, anniversary, new year celebrations... I hope you are having a wonderful time and I wish you a very happy, healthy, prosperous new year!

  3. Bona Anny to you both! [And to Lulu too!]
    We've never visited Chinon.... one of the things promised for this year.... once we've calmed down a bit... we are now in the Laiterie [but only for this w/e for now... still loads to do!]

    WV is Romedun... never visited Rome either!

  4. Happy New Year.Wonderful images. I see you share my fasination with entrances to Touraine houses!
    Warm regards,
    Jim McNeill

  5. Nice pics - great town. we were sent a message from the b&b people we stayed with in 2008 which we will write about in afew weeks time. Chinon is lovely. have agreat 2011 with lots of interesting blogs for us.