28 December 2010


Chinon still remains probably our favourite town in France. We never tire of it and although we don't live there, knowing it's almost on our doorstep is good enough. Today is our wedding anniversary (16 years) and we will be celebrating at one of our favourite restaurants, L'Ardoise in Chinon, with one of their super special lunches. Then maybe we'll take a walk along the bank of the Vienne afterwards.



  1. Jean - It's our very fave place in the Loire as well. We still keep in touch with our B&B people there and we will write about them in the future in "Wednesdays in France". Lovely people, lovely village.
    Thankyou for bringing back some memories.

  2. Happy Days!


  3. Happy Anniversary Jean & Nick! Enjoy your special lunch and the day out in Chinon!!

  4. Congratulations, I hope you have a great day and that the weather is good to you.

    After what you have said we must put Chinon on our places to visit. We have really seen so little of France other than in the Charente and parts of the Dordogne. We are always in such a hurry to get from the UK to the Charente, we see next to nothing en route:(
    Best wishes Diane

  5. Congratulations...and what a super place to choose for a celebration.
    I do like Chinon.

  6. Congratulations, and we wish you many more happy anniversaries.

    Ours is coming up Friday and we wish we could celebrate at one of our favorite restaurants in France. Please let us all know what your meal was, so we can at least enjoy reading about good food.

  7. Happy Anniversary Jean and Nick.
    Congratulations, we will raise a glass of the sparkling to you both tonight!
    Hope you have enjoyed your meal and day out in Chinon.

  8. Happy anniversary from Bear and Sadie.

    Where's all the snow?

  9. Jean,
    How rude of me to not wish you both Happy Anniversary. "Happy Anniversary"
    And that restaurant is superb, we've ate there on our last night in Chinon during our 2008 trip.
    I can imagine you walking off your meal along the banks of the river down towards the best stature of Jean d'Arc.

  10. Happy Anniversary!
    Hope you had a good one.
    And the very best for 22000011 [re-arranged that's double... or a very, very long life!]
    Tim & Pauline

  11. Great photos of the Vienne, Jean.