5 April 2011


We do quite a bit of our shopping at Descartes which is about 15 minutes from Le Grand-Pressigny along the main road.  Instead of going the quickest way, through Abilly (pronounced “Abee-yee”), we often go “the back way” which takes us across to the other side of the Creuse river and through some pretty villages.

One of them is called St-Rémy-sur-Creuse.  Late in August last year (or possibly the year before), instead of just driving through, I stopped for a look around and took some photos.

st remy 6

st remy 7

I wandered up the hill away from the main road and discovered a charming church, perched on the hillside with a lovely view over the valley below.

As you can see, it was one of those sultry late summer days.  The sky was heavy with a storm threatening and it was very warm.  It didn’t rain in the end, I seem to remember.

st remy 8

st remy 12st remy 9

A wedding had recently taken place at the church, just a few days before judging by the freshness of the confetti scattered in the doorway.  What a lovely and romantic setting for a wedding.

st remy 10

At the back of the church is the old well, in its own little house.

st remy 11

There is so much to discover in our little corner of France.  Each time we visit we see things we have driven past so many times but not really noticed before.  It is a delight to get out of the car and have a proper nosey round.


  1. You are so right, it does not pay to be in a hurry in France. If you have the time to stop and look at these little villages there is just so much of interest.

    Hope the hand is doing well.

  2. I seem to remember stopping there a couple of years ago when we were on one of our house-hunting/holiday trips. And I agree it's a lovely place! ps. Have sent you an email.

  3. I love travelling off the beaten track. There are such wonderful things to see, if one takes the time.