7 April 2011


st remy 5

No, this is not my motorcycle parked precariously pointing slightly downhill. The owner was probably in the bar having a drink.

On the day I took this photo, lunch was being served.  There were a number of cars parked nearby and couples and workers were piling in.  It was a Friday lunchtime and I caught a whiff or two of something tasty as I walked by.

st remy 13

I had just dropped Nick off for a few hours’ fishing down by the bridge at Descartes.  He likes it there by the fishing café – all the facilities a fisherman could need are on hand.

I was therefore off the lead and tempted to indulge in lunch myself.  But then I thought I would save the experience for us to enjoy together another day.

st remy 3

In any case, I was enjoying my walk around the village, taking photos and seeing the sights.  Green is one of the colours approved for doors and windows in the region.  The greens used vary enormously from a very pale pastel green, which I like, to this dark green, which I am not so fond of.

st remy 4

That day, I broke one of my own personal rules – “strike whilst the iron is hot”.  We passed by the auberge many times after that and it never seemed to be open for lunch.  Then last year scaffolding appeared and subsequently the whole building has been gutted.  The front has been completely done up and the interior stripped.

I couldn’t tell if the auberge was going to be turned into a house or a new restaurant.  It seems that we may have missed our chance to try it.


  1. So often you regret not trying something while you can; mais c'est la vie!

    How is the hand? Diane

  2. Hi Diane - I should have learned by now not to pass up an opportuntity for a good lunch !!

    The hand is doing ok, I think. I only saw it briefly while the dressing was changed and it looks good. The second bandage now looks very grubby but hopefully what lies beneath is still ok. The stitches come out next week but I'm hoping to be down to a very small bandage and back to work before then.

  3. Descartes - I think we have driven thru sometime 2009 - is it near Loches.
    Looking forward to returning next year and your posts help us to explore new destinations.

  4. Leon - Descartes is about 35 km south west of Loches. It has a lovely park and walk along the river bank with fishing, nice old buildings, a large market on Sundays, a good little saladerie/pizzeria and other cafés, the René Descartes museum (which we have yet to visit) and, like many other small towns in France, is more or less closed on Mondays !!

  5. That'll teach you to put things off - especially a good lunch!
    Lovely photos... thanks for the post.

  6. Craig - you're not wrong !! Thanks.