14 May 2011


st remy 1 

Not long ago, I posted about the Auberge du St Rémy, which was closed for alterations for most of last year.  Well, I am happy to report that it has re-opened as a restaurant and bar.  Naturally, we just had to give it a try.

st remy 2 

We thought the name of the restaurant was a bit strange, something to do with a seagull.  Inside it looked very new and clean with incredibly bright colours on the walls.

    st remy 12

st remy 4st remy 3    

st remy 5

st remy 6

The regular cheap lunchtime menu was not on offer, presumably as it was Easter Monday, so we decided to push the boat out and go “à la carte”.  We were not disappointed.

st remy 7

st remy 8

We had starters of goat’s cheese salad and fois gras, mains of fish and pork and desserts of crème brûlée and chocolate with banana.  It was all delicious, beautifully presented and sensibly priced.  Definitely worth another visit to ensure they are maintaining standards !!

st remy 9

st remy 10

st remy 11

We are however, sad to report  that the little restaurant at Barou, Les Tilleuls, has closed.  Which just goes to show that as one door opens, another door closes.


  1. The presentation of the food is superb and makes it worthwhile just to look at!! Diane

  2. Do you have any idea of the impact that your pictures and story about wonderful French cuisine have on a hungry Bear in the middle of the Canadian prairies (bone dry in some places, totally flooded in others)?

    I tried to reach right through the computer screen for the food. No luck.

    But "thanks" for posting the story. :))

  3. looks and sounds lovely and I like the term 'sensibly priced'. thanks for sharing your culinary adventure.

  4. I assume the owners have a connection with Réunion, as le paille-en-queue is the White-tailed Tropic Bird (I looked it up).

  5. If you eat with your eyes, as we all do to some extent, then that is indeed a wonderful feast. But I bet it tasted great too!

  6. Diane, Phil and Craig - it was an excellent lunch and we will certainly be going back.

    Rob-bear - sorry, I should have saved you a morsel of each course to send to you !!

    Susan - if there's a connection with the Réunion at Paulmy, it's definitely a case of chalk and cheese !!

  7. Looks really yummy! Def. one for us to try some time soon.

  8. Another one for the'list'!