9 August 2011



We love the early evening routine of sitting in the square with an apéro, watching the last of the shops close and people making their way home with last minute baguettes or little packages of meat from the butcher.


Mariel, the proprietor of the PreHisto bar, has a superb skill of stopping exactly at the top of the glass when she pours a rosé wine.


There is an equally specialist skill in taking the first sip without spilling as demonstrated by our friend Gail.

With all the unbelievable things happening in our cities these last few days, I can’t wait to get back to the peace of rural France. 


  1. You certainly seem to get your money's worth!

    I can't wait to get back to France!

    I am so depressed by what is going on. A nice cool glass of rose won't, unfortunately, solve the problems in our cities, but it will make me feel better!

  2. A "Bring your own straw" apéro bar?

    Could catch on!

    All the best


  3. Cheers, I am especially glad to be in France at the moment Diane xx

  4. Depressing beyond belief. I have a bottle of Cote du Rhone open and I doubt very much if it will last until tomorrow.
    Your friend Gail looks like she's done that before... clever girl!

  5. Too depressing. Like others we're also very glad to be in rural France. What a dismal figure England cuts in the world's media.

  6. Gaynor - I thought you were still there - for all of the school holidays in fact.

    Keith - nice to hear from you again.

    Diane - I wish I was there, too.

    Craig - funny you should say that ~ I think she might have.

    Antoinette - for those of us who pay our dues and behave ourselves, it's embarrassing. Pure opportunistic thieving and vandalism barely masquerading as anything else. This is one of the times I feel ashamed to be British.

  7. Couldn't agree more, Jean. We feel so lucky to be away from all the awful problems in the UK at the moment. Hope the days pass quickly for you until you're back here in the peace of rural France. Thank heavens for backwaters!!

  8. Sounds like a truly delightful way to end a day. Civilized, a bit reflective (perhaps), relaxing.

  9. Hope the riots won't come your way and that the situation returns to normal soon. Take care. Martine

  10. Elizabeth - time flies when you're just treading water until the next holiday!!

    Rob-bear - civilised indeed!

    Martine - we live 20 miles from two large cities, north and south, and one has been targeted already.

  11. Know this scene when we came in 2010 but you wearn't home.

  12. looks great. wish I was there, truly wish I was there.

    Another blogger showed an image of some youths looting Poundland and one of them running out with an armful of packest of cheap crisps. What a pathetic picture of lack of aspiration and stupidity.

    save me a seat and a chilled glass of wine please.