17 August 2011



On 14th July we went to a birthday party.

It was a meeting of Renault 4’s and other old vehicles in the little town of Scorbé-Clairvaux, which is a few kilometres west of Chatellerault.

We arrived fairly early and there was not much happening so we had a wander round the brocante that was also taking place.  There seems to be a brocante at most events, whatever they are.


Lulu enjoyed all the attention from lots of people who had obviously never seen a standard poodle before and she made several new friends.

birthday10  birthday5

The Renaults were all out on a ride – a parade through the countryside – and pretty soon they all started to arrive and line up to be admired.  I was especially impressed with the one with the birthday cake on top !!



There were lots of other old cars in the parade, all twinkling in the beautiful sunshine. 

I thought the flame job on this one was superb.


This seemed to be the “sublime to the ridiculous”.


I thought this would make a very nice camper or ice-cream van.


For those who would like something a little faster in pink !!


And this one’s for Tim and Keith !!

It was one of those essentially French events.  Glorious sunshine, good humour, good fun, beautiful old cars, nobody taking it too seriously, any excuse for a jumble sale and no admission fee.  A great day out.


  1. Merci for the 2CVs!

    You even seem to have managed to sneak a blue one in the background!

    That must have been really something seeing such an amassed accumulation of amazing Renault 4s!

    I would have been wetting myself with excitement! Way past the incontinence panty stage!

    All the best


  2. Wish we could have been there also.
    Who was that on the end of the leash - the human I mean.

  3. I will also go for the 2CVs, lovely photos and it looks like Lulu had a great time as well. Diane

  4. Glad you all had such fun. A nice, light, relaxing day in the French countryside (more or less).

  5. Keith - you're very welcome !!

    Leon - that's my other half, Nick.

    Diane - she had a whale of a time. Poodles positively flourish when showered with admiration and attention.

    Rob-bear - it was nothing extravagant or taxing, but it was a day to remember.

  6. It looks like a very fun day, I would have been in my element too. Lulu looks positively regal!

  7. I LOVE that red van
    I would kill my mother for it

  8. Ex-Pompiers H-Vans are still available. Most are converted into campers as are the horse-boxes and cattle trucks.... and at many 2CV events in France the genuine Ice-Cream van appears [selling, as it is in France, artisininal ice-creams and sorbets... the vanilla-caramel is particularly good!]
    I like the line of R4s... the nearest is a very old one [the flap is on the outside] and there is the R4 version of the Mehari there also - sixth in line]... now I'll take my anorak off now!

  9. John - you already killed your mother for my kitchen if I recall. You'd better pick another family member. :)

  10. nice cars and puppies .. nice photos .. thanks for sharing ..