8 December 2011



At the beginning of October there is a festival in the next village, Le Petit-Pressigny, called “L’Art et Lard”.  It’s a mixture of food stalls selling all kinds of interesting local produce, and all manner of artwork, displayed here and there all over the village.


This year it was a miserable day weather-wise but we had fun, bumping into friends old and new and seeing what was on display.  These two are some of my favourites.

The artwork that was for sale was generally quite pricey but we could easily have bought lots of it – if we had the wall space.  In the end the only thing we bought was a small bottle of locally made walnut oil !!  Happy days.


  1. I love his use of recovered metal, glass and paint... if we have any cash left over when the project is completed [if he's still making them then!]....

  2. What fun, Jean. it's not easy to keep your purse in your pocket at events like this. Every two years there is an arts and crafts fair in a nearby village in Normandy and I am always very tempted....

  3. Yea wall space is a problem. We still have plenty of pictures still not hung. We need a lottery win so we can finish the 3 rooms upstairs, that may help a bit! Diane

  4. You did well not to buy everything in sight.

    I love the local walnut oil, I use it with chopped walnuts in bread...scrummy.


  5. What a great idea for an art exhibit. I like both pieces you've shown very much.

  6. We haven't yet managed to make it out to LP-P for the festival, and probably won't until I retire! I can't wait .....

  7. It is so easy to get carried away with buying art. The house in France looked like an art gallery in the end - and now of course when it sells I have to find room for them all in my UK matchbox. Oh well, boot sales here I come.