13 February 2012


It’s that time of year again.  The snow is melting but the ground is rock hard and frozen solid, making the ice left on it lethal for walking on.  The evenings are just beginning to lengthen but it’s still dark when I get home from work.  Cabin fever is setting in.

So I trawled through last year’s photos to cheer myself up and prove that we have something to look forward to.

cabin fever1 A circus performer visits the village on market day.

cabin fever2A walk down by the river.

cabin fever3 Flowers in the planters hung from the bridge.

cabin fever4

An afternoon reading on the terrace beckons.

cabin fever5 A walk amongst a few vines behind the château at Etableau.

cabin fever6 Looking for bargains !!

cabin fever7 A walk in the park at Descartes.

cabin fever8

Market day in Loches.

lofty ideas Coffee in the village square.

cabin fever9 An occasional good lunch.


  1. Ah, summer! Can't wait. :)

  2. We're just about going stir crazy here, this snow has got to go soon!

    Today, when it's bitterly cold, it's hard to imagine summer, but the photographs helped.


  3. Walt - too right.

    SP - close your eyes and just imagine the warmth of the sun.....lovely !!

  4. Thanks Jean that cheered me up no end. Nigel, because of not feeling well, and the weather, has not been out the door for over 2 weeks. I have at least been shopping twice with the neighbour even if we did get stuck! Diane

  5. The sun is out here -- finally-- and it's a warmish promise of Spring. Thank you for the injection of summer magic!

  6. Diane - getting stuck must have been awful. I dread that.

    Broad - I'm glad the sun is out for you - only two weeks of February left and then spring will be on its way.

  7. Still grey here, but at least milder now and the ice and snow have gone! Lovely photos with their promise of summer - looking back and looking forward are fun, aren't they?

  8. Perpetua - we are at a height where we get the snow first and it lingers the longest, but hopefully the thaw will continue. Sunny photos are what keep me sane at this point in the year.

  9. simply heavenly! I've been on holiday for ten days and on only two of those have a I felt like going out. Roll on the Spring and Summer. Pictures are lovely. I particularly like the one of the view looking out on the terrace where you planned to do a spot of reading in the shade.

  10. Delightful summer pictures.

    But where are you more likely to get cabin fever: Derbyshire or France?

  11. Phil - it's a favourite spot.

    Rob-bear - here in Derbyshire, not in France, because we are cooped up in the dark in the evenings I think.

  12. Lovely collection of summer photos, which made me feel quite warmed up inside. Not long to go now, though. Could feel spring beckoning today as the temperatures lifted off from zero.