17 February 2012


just close your eyes1

It’s the middle of February.  The days ARE getting longer but although I leave work in daylight it’s dark by the time I get home.

just close your eyes2

So I close my eyes and imagine the warmth of the sun on my face.  The golden light of evenings in the village square.  The chatter of village life as I sit and watch the world go by.  The regularity of the church bells.  First ring at 7am, last at 10pm.

just close your eyes3

I can imagine the sparkle of sunshine on the water as we walk along the riverside in Abilly.

just close your eyes4

The luxurious peace and quiet broken by the occasional splosh in the water as a fish rises to the surface.

just close your eyes5

The unbroken blueness of the sky and the creamy crumbliness of the buildings.

Spring is not far away now……….

Bon weekend !!


  1. What a beautifully evocative post, Jean. I think it will give hope to even the most winter-weary among your readers!

    More of the same please!!

  2. You are bang on right there C&E!
    Thanks, Jean...

  3. Jean,
    Sat on those chairs have a coffee and then had a look in the newsagent before looking around the smallish market. We saw the Chateau but we didn't see you. How sad. Then we popped off to see Simon and Susan - they were home.
    Maybe see you soon. Thanks for bringing back some memories.

  4. A lovely post, Jean. It gives me a very good idea of your little corner of France. Is the crumbly stone limestone or tufa?

  5. Stop, stop, stop ...! I can't take it any longer. I must get to the Touraine! The photos, your description and the memories of having a drink in that square one sunny day in June 2009 really make me 'home-sick', even if I don't have a home there :) Martine

  6. Great post! Especially on a dull day with misting rain!
    Yesterday we had sun and it was almost warm enough to sit outside the front door [in fleece] with our coffees.

  7. Yes! Yes! Yes! Summertime... Bring it on! Quick, already... Thanks Jean, needed that infusion just now!

  8. Great post, my imagination is not that good!! Roll on spring it cannot come quick enough this year. Enjoy your Sunday. Diane x

  9. Well, that's really lovely... now I can stay indoors in the warm!
    Better than one of those expensive S.A.D. 'sunshine' lamps.

    WV is "forecast" and "tutterpo... I've never heard of Tutterpo... will it be raining plastic boxes... or will it just be "t'utter po!!"

  10. It won't be long Jean - hang on in there. Your comment made me feel guilty today as, as much as I really love my mum, we have very little in common and days out with her are like purgatory for me sometimes. It took her almost an hour and a half to eat a bowl of soup as she talked none stop about absolute drivel - which drove me insane! I need to excersize more patience in future! xxxx

  11. Lovely memories...but today we have had a really spring-like day, so the warmer weather should soon be here....

  12. Jean, The 'robot' is on your blog too!! But I don't think it's meant personally! :)) Martine

  13. I love your pictures, and your dreams.

    Here in Canada, water has been running in the streets. In February.

    What's wrong with this picture? It seems like the times are out of joint.