29 September 2012


lunch in loches1Le Palais in Loches.

The day after we arrived with my dad for his adventure holiday, we took him to Loches so he could enjoy the delights of the market and then looked for somewhere to have lunch. 

The market was crowded and we could see he was quite bemused by the whole thing so luckily I spotted somewhere not so crowded to sit in the shade and eat in peace and comfort.

lunch in loches2 My dad’s salad.  The toast thing is a popular dish in France but I can’t remember what it’s called.  I will next time I see it on a menu.

We had not eaten at Le Palais before.  I think I would have been put off previously by the sign calling it a “pub”.  But I chose it because it was away from the bustle of the market and there were plenty of tables free.

We all had different salads and they were all delicious.  The French do know how to do a good salad.

lunch in loches3 My salad.  Lots of ham, cheese and egg.

lunch in loches4

Nick’s salad, very similar but with olives.

We have eaten at many different restaurants in Loches and will definitely be going back to this one.  The salads were just the job for a Saturday lunch, the service was relaxed and we had a lovely time watching the world go by, as you do.

Bon weekend !!


  1. Enjoy your lunch and I hope you do not get too wet!! Those salads look wonderful and not really typical of the French who seem to mostly just have lettuce finis! Have a good weekend, Diane xx

  2. Hello Jean:
    What a contrast in your Saturday lunch habits!! Still, this does all add to the spice of life and the constant interest created by living in two countries. Carluccio's in Brighton can always be relied upon for a delicious lunch so, rain or shine, we hope that you have an enjoyable time.

  3. Carluccio's!!! Wow, you are a lucky girl. Wish I could be there to enjoy it with you. Talking about salads, You should try the 'Coup de Coeur', village Auberge at Crissay-sur-Manse. They do a fantastic salad, including, smoked chicken, dried figs, quail eggs, roasted nuts, cherry tomatoes, olives, goat's cheese, ginger bread, .... It is delicous and the dressing is to die for. In the meantime enjoy your Italian lunch. Can't wait to see the photos and read the full report. Have a lovely weekend! Martine x

  4. Thanks for sharing the cuisine information. I thoroughly enjoy salads, but mine preferably include carrots. I don't suppose that Lulu is much of a salad eater.

  5. Hi Jean,

    We are just west of you and here in Staffordshire it is a bright, breezy and sunny day. Having just eaten a fairly boring ham and cheese sandwich for lunch, I think I might almost have preferred Carluccio's and greyness!
    Have a great weekend. Gaynor x

  6. Hi Darling, If I remember correctly the toast thing was called a "tartine" which when I looked it up in our food book was translated as almost anything on a slice of bread!!

    Nick XX

  7. I so like a good salad, one that isn't with the usual banal components. It is nice to see some new and adventuresome salads.

  8. Jean, Le Palais in Loches sounds like a good place. I don't know it, but then we don't go out to restaurants often. French salades-repas are very good, IMO, and very varied. They are much more elaborate than the salade you get as part of a multi-course meal, aren't they? The Touraine salades often include rillettes or rillons along with the greens, tomatoes, etc. I like those.

  9. The Maison du Parc in the Brenne does excellent salads too! We'll look out for Le Palais next time we go to Loches - probably this week.

  10. Those salads look so tempting, Jean and I think your father's dish is a croque-monsieur.

  11. The salads do look delicious! I've heard of a croque-monsieur and never knew what it was. My thanks to Perpetua (and of course you)!

  12. Hi Jean! I'm thinking that your father's sandwich might be a croque-madame (a croque-monsieur with an egg or two on top). Was it something like grilled bread with melted ham and cheese, and an egg (or two?) on top?