27 December 2012


For the twelve days of Christmas I am looking back over the twelve months of 2012.


twelve days12Lb

The countryside was beginning to look distinctly greener and spring-like.

twelve days11

In early March we went on a coach trip to London, had a lovely lunch and went to see a fabulous show. There and back again in the day.

twelve days12

On the 11th March it was as warm as it often gets on a good summer’s day in Derbyshire.  We made the most of it and had lunch outdoors on the patio.

twelve days12Lc

I made the first batch of decent, edible scones I have ever made in my life and we ate them outside in the sunshine when Nick arrived home from work.

The weather was so good for most of March that it didn’t seem real and certainly didn’t seem right.  We enjoyed it but I remember thinking to myself……we’ll be paying for this later !!


  1. And we certainly did, Jean. It's hard to remember now that we had that gorgeous weather in March, so thanks for reminding me.

  2. I remember saying 'I hope this isn't all the summer we're having' - but effectively it was!! Yuk - please, we need some nice dry weather for a bit, don't we! Next year I think we'll take off and go somewhere warm (not too hot) for the winter if we don't get any summer here (and if we can afford it!) - BH's 2 daughters have just spent a fortnight at the Red Sea, with Christmas morning on the beach. One of the seven deadly sins is envy, and I succumbed to it, I fear. Oh dear!
    Happy New Year to you all, including Lulu, from me, Better Half, and our 2 silver miniature poodles Smokey and the Bandit (pictures to be posted when I get my blog up and running - haven't had time so far!!)