17 April 2013



A door in Le Petit-Pressigny repaired using the lid of a tin.

I wonder what sort of tin it was – apple compote perhaps, or olives.  Maybe even tomatoes or beans.  But probably not Heinz baked beans, and almost certainly a long time ago.

This is only the second door I have seen repaired using a tin lid.  The other is in Le Grand-Pressigny, and that has been repaired using the lid from a sardine tin – you can see that from the fish shape impressed into the metal.

I suspect that these are not the only ones !!


  1. Much better than a hole and it now matches... Great make do and mend it!!!

  2. I think that it is a good idea. However, it would take a whole lorry load of tin lids to mend all the holes in our ancient front door!

  3. How ingenious and rather sweet too. I'd better not show this to DH or it might give him ideas. :-)

  4. Well, if it works, who's to complain? Very good plan, actually, I think.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!
    Bears Noting

  5. It may well be covering an old Keyhole... some of the older doors had a lock mechanism that was installed on the back by the carpenter... and had a wooden surround... found one here... if bust, or the key lost [how I know not, given the size of most], you would have had to perform decarpentry on the door... much quicker and easier to cover the old lock hole and fit a new one lower down.

    And once installed... the cover of the old helps you find the door in the dark by "braille" on a late return from friends... very practical if the blindness is alcohol induced...

  6. So charming (and clever). I don't think I ever would have realized.

  7. Well, I've never seen that before. Good work!

  8. Must remember that tip :-)) Have a great week. Diane