9 June 2013


savoie villars1

The little hotel in the village – Le Savoie Villlars - has been closed for two years. 

The hotel has a prime position in the village square, opposite the church.  Nick and I stayed there for three nights when we bought our house in 2007 and it was a traditional and comfortable country hotel with comfy beds, creaky floorboards and quirky plumbing.

savoie villars2

So we were pleased to see the sign outside saying it was to re-open this weekend and we wasted no time in trying it out.  The restaurant that is, as we have no need for a room.  But it is nice to know that rooms are available if we should need accommodation for more guests than we have room for ourselves.

savoie villars3 savoie villars4 savoie villars5 savoie villars6

We had an excellent meal there.  The menu was good, having something for everyone and a range of prices.  In fact the food was far better than we remember it being previously.

savoie villars7 savoie villars8

A change of colour scheme and fresh tableware has gone a long way towards improving the ambience of the restaurant.  I hope the new proprietors do really well because it’s a great asset for the village I think.  They seem to have got the level just right.  You can see the hotel’s website here.


  1. Oh how I miss the village hotel with great restaurant a short walk from our house when we lived in Germany (live in Washington DC now) - thanks for bringing back such great memories!!

  2. Long overdue re-opening....
    saw people, on a number of occasions, park up...
    walk over...
    come back to car...
    and, most importantly for the town...

    Presentation of the food looks wonderful...
    Grand Ma's needs to watch out...
    unless there is a BIG difference in the prices.

    1. Tim, the prices were about the same. And I'm sure you're right, it has to be good for the town to have a nice little hotel.

  3. Jean, Can you book a table for four in September 2014 - our treat, honest.

  4. One of our local village eateries has just reopened, and we are glad to see it do so because it has fast become our 'local'. But yours looks a lot posher than ours, especially with food presentation, but we do live in a farming community so perhaps anything too fancy would put the locals off!

    1. Vera... we all live in a farming community, too!!
      But it may be to do with all the chateaux along the Loire...
      or the fact that there are other good, reasonably priced restaurants close by?

  5. I'm looking forward to trying out the menu. The food certainly looks good.

  6. It looks super. The food is beautifully presented and I'm sure tasted as good as it looks.

  7. I always love seeing these places continue around town. Very charming, and the dishes look delicious.