28 October 2013



On the Sunday I took my new camera to the annual event at Le Petit-Pressigny called “L’Art et Lard” - a festival of art and food.


The weather was glorious and we were there at the right time of day to catch shadows and reflections just right.  It was a fluke.  With my old camera I just snapped away obliviously but now I seem to be taking more notice of what is the right angle to take a picture from, or where the light is best.



How different it was from last year, when the river rose almost before our eyes as it rained heavily on and off.  In fact our two weeks in France last year were almost a complete washout.  This year the weather co-operated beautifully.


Lulu always enjoys L’Art et Lard.  It usually means a nice walk and lots of fuss from French people who have never seen a standard poodle before.  They will probably never see another one, unless it’s Lulu again !!



  1. I'll look forward to reading your post, Jean. Hopefully next year we'll see you there. Tim is thinking he could offer wood turning but perhaps we are a bit off the beaten track.

    If you were here now you'd find it raining and windy - but nothing like the reports from the UK.

  2. Nice pix... I took a version of your second pic... that reflection was just asking to be taken, wasn't it!
    I like your third pic, too... I didn't spot that...
    it is still wellying it down...
    it is coming across us slowly... on a diagonal line between the Bay of Biscay and Belgium... might be able to open the front shutters in about two hours.
    I'm bracing myself to see how much it has rained in the barn!!

  3. Your photos are gorgeous! I'm going to enjoy your new camera... Can't wait to learn more about L'Art et Lard after that photo teaser.

  4. Love that reflection, thought at first the last photo was of tumble weed :-) Enjoy Diane

  5. Always good to get a new, and often unexpected, perspective on light and shadow particularly on photographic studies. These lend themselves more identifiable to interpretation than most artistic forms as we better understand the visual than the more allusive forms of communication such as aural or written. These can lean towards a less prosaic interpretation being a 'direct given' and less broadly interpretative. Profound moment over.