2 November 2013


l'art et lard

L’Art & Lard is an event that takes place in Le Petit-Pressigny in early October every year.  It’s name translates literally as “the art and bacon”.  So it’s a sort of country show which celebrates local arts and crafts and food.

l'art et lard1al'art et lard1

Walking round the village you will find the little red flag attached to buildings, doorways and gateposts to indicate that something arty is taking place inside.  There is also a central area where stalls are set up for people selling their artwork, food products and crafts.

l'art et lard1b

There are paintings, sculptures and things that are hard to categorise placed all over the village in people’s barns, gardens, conservatories and garages, as well as in the public buildings.

l'art et lard7

Down by the river someone was taking a great interest in something unusual.

l'art et lard8

It turned out to be a display of plastic windmills.

That’s what I like about the Art & Lard.  It’s a nice, colourful, civilised, gentle event, where anything goes and it always makes me smile as I admire the inventiveness of some people.

l'art et lard3

The long table was set out for the speeches and prizes.  There was an apple tart competition which I intended to look at but I didn’t find it anywhere.

l'art et lard4l'art et lard5l'art et lard6l'art et lard9

The whole even is very bright and cheery with seasonal produce on display and for sale.

l'art et lard9al'art et lard9bl'art et lard9c

The crafts ranged from hand-made jewellery (very nice, too) to large metal sculptures and local pottery, made by Magalie, the potter from our own village.  We have bought quite a few of her pieces over the years.

l'art et lard9dl'art et lard9e

Down by the river there were large sculptures dotted around.

l'art et lard9f

l'art et lard9g

Food was available to buy and take home or to eat on site, with the sausage and frites stall, the three course meal in the salle des fêtes and, of course, the English Tea Rooms where you could have tea or coffee with a slice of yummy cake, a bun, or even a traditional cream tea.  With enormous effort, I managed to resist.  Largely because I was still full of toasted brioche from breakfast !!

l'art et lard9h

There are few things we look forward to as much as the Art & Lard every year.  I find it difficult to say why, but we do.  It’s a great event to catch up with friends, stock up on unusual foods and see some local art.

l'art et lard2

Bon weekend !!


  1. I 'ope so!!
    The sun has just come out...
    I collect Pauline from Tours Aeroport this afternoon...
    We've had 40mm of rain in the last week....
    The grass needs mowing...
    The sun's gone in again......

    The windmills at L'Art et Lard were plugged into that tree...

  2. I agree. It is one of the unmissable local events. Actually, I did miss it this year, as we had clients booked for the day. Glad as I was to have clients, I was sorry it clashed with l'Art et Lard.

  3. We missed it, yet again!
    However plans are in place to ensure we don't miss it next year... Fingers crossed
    Had you made your apple tart?

    1. Gaynor, I bet you're really looking forward to next year's Art & Lard !!
      As much as we're looking forward to being able to attend your curry evening !!
      I completely forgot about the apple tart (although I did make an apple pie later) until I got there, then I couldn't see any signs for the competition - I will try to do better next year.......maybe we could both have a go.

  4. It is a great event. Sorry we missed it this year to.

  5. Oh that looked a fun event. We don't seem to have anything like that around here, but then we don't actually go out looking for them!

  6. Merci! L'art et lard is always nicely quirky.

    Here's hoping we don't too much rain. Grass needs cutting again and it's too squelchy to do it today..

  7. I did enjoy this, Jean. it sounds like the kind of event I too would love - a cross between a village show, a church fete and an art exhibition. Great fun.

  8. I love the name! And the show looks wonderfully unusual.