7 June 2014


This is it, moving day.
Well almost. The removal company will fetch the rest of our stuff this morning. Handover day is officially Monday. We will spend three nights in a nearby hotel - Lulu is staying with her grandad.

Some time on Monday we will get the keys to our new house, although being at the top of the chain we will probably be the last to get possession, so it could be quite late. The removal company are booked to bring our stuff back mid afternoon.

It feels odd to have woken up for the last time in the house where I have lived for twenty nine years. All the stuff I had accumulated over those years has now been packed in a box or disposed of.
I once thought I loved this house so much I would only leave it "in a box". Now I can hardly wait!


  1. I'm pretty impressed at only 13 weeks for the completion & in a chain - the gods were smiling on you all! And with the break between out & in, doing it all in one day is so hard. Good luck.

  2. So exciting! Good luck with it all.

  3. Keep Clam & Carry On...
    or perhaps Moules Frites would fit the bill!?

    Thoughts are with you....
    give our regards to the guys...
    hide the pumpkins...
    when they move you over here...
    we might have some boxes ready to return....

    As for posting, you could always write your posts in advance....
    as text files....
    then find a "Free Wiffy" pub...
    a lot now offer it, and 'tis a good excuse for a break...
    and then send them off, scheduled....
    and we won't know the difference!!

    We are to "Chez Grandma" this eve...
    to listen to a Celtic band...
    we'll raise a glass in your honour!!

    1. Tim, I saw the advert for the band on Jim's blog, wish we could be there!
      Instead we're going to see Vincent and Flavia in their new show in Nottingham.
      I just hope we can stay awake!

  4. There's always Mc Donald's!

    Good luck with the move. The build up had been long and probably emotional as over the past months you've been sifting through 30 years and more of memories, good and bad. Today will seem like a relief and bring with it the keys, not only to your new home (on Monday) but also to your new life.

    Exciting! Like Tim and Pauline, and I hope you, we shall raise a glass in your honour tonight. G&T xx

  5. Good luck! And enjoy the three days at the hotel ... 'en amoureux' :). Looking forward to your next post!

  6. Good luck, Jean, and I hope all goes wonderfully smoothly. Enjoy your weekend break ready for the start of your new life on Monday. You may be leaving your long-time home, but the memories go with you.

  7. Bonne chance. Vous voir bientôt je l'espère. Diane and Nigel

  8. I've got everything crossed for you -[ fingers, toes, eyes, wires ... very best of luck! P.

  9. Don't forget you can always drop in @ McDonalds to post.
    Glad everything is virtually done and dusted. We're excited for you.

  10. So exciting! I can't imagine what it's like to live in one house for 29 years. I can't imagine what it's like to live in one house for 5 years! Looking forward to seeing you back online and happily settled in again.

  11. Very exciting and good luck with it all! If you start getting electronic withdrawal symptoms you can always hunt out a free WiFi place.
    Enjoy Vinthent & Flavia :-)

  12. how marvelous! A new chapter! OOXX

  13. I moved out of my house in UK where I had lived for 29 years and it was less of a wrench than expected. It is now rented out. Living in France "permanently" is great and I wish you lots of happiness and good times.