22 October 2014



Today is a BIG DAY for Nick.

One of the main criteria when looking for a bigger house in France was that it had a garden big enough to require a sit-on mower!


On Monday Nick cut the grass using the ancient heap of a petrol mower left behind for us by the previous owners.  It was kind of them to leave it but it was hard work to use.  After an hour of heaving the thing around Nick had sore wrists, a sore back and I had sore ears!

So we hopped it over to Loches in search of a new one.  We ordered it from Bricomarché and early this morning they delivered it!

A rather nice young man brought it in a truck and trailer and gave Nick full instructions on how to use it.  Great service.


A happy Nick with his new boy’s toy!


Checking it has an engine – with the help of my dad!


  1. Happy days, weeks, months and years... ;o)

  2. Great and with the dark nights coming those headlights will be useful... Don't fall out over who is going to drive on it... Also very very useful for picking up the leaves AND we have a few of those!!

  3. Hey, Nick, bring it over here...
    I'll set up a proper race track out in the meadow!!
    It's no fun racing alone....

    As we've both got headlights...
    we can do 24hr mower racing!!
    At least that will give the headlights something to do.

    Have fun with the autoporty.

  4. Warning - Tim's rideon is a modcon, if you are going to race. We bought ours at Bricomarché too - they're useless if it goes wrong, or if you come across the hidden safety features. If you're still looking for a home for some of those fallen walnuts, I mentioned it to someone today and they want some! Pauline

  5. Jean, you will never need to mow again.

    For years mowing was my job. Half an hour a day in season, up and down hill, pushing a handle not right for my height. I complained, we bought a riding mower, and suddenly my husband was the sole mower. I do not miss it at all.

  6. Your man will enjoy his mower. I would get bored as anything just driving up and down, but Lester loves to spend time on his compact tractor cutting grass. I prefer my push pull lawn mower, but then the only grass I cut is in between the flower beds in the front garden.

    1. Vera, it's very much a man toy I think!
      I don't know any women who find joy in riding around on a mower!

  7. Ours is not a man's toy it is a ladies toy, I always cut the grass and I do enjoy driving around on it :-))) Sorry to change your ideas! Keep well Diane

    1. Diane, that makes two of you!
      Elizabeth is also apparently a keen mower rider and I didn't realise! I bet you're both secret motorcyclists as well .......... the ride probably has similarities.........!! Maybe I should have a go myself and see how
      I like it, that's if I can wrestle it away from Nick!

  8. I'm so glad there was an engine in the mower when the men decided to check it. Mowing without an engine is a bit tough!

    Glad to see you are getting accustomed to your new home, too .

    Blessings and Bear hugs, Jean!

    P.S.: Has Lulu given the new place her seal of approval?

    1. Lulu seems very happy here.
      I think it helps that she's always been lugged from one home to another since puppyhood, so she's used to upheaval and having to settle in wherever she lands!
      We're really pleased that she and Daisy get on well - I'm not sure they are exactly friends, although Daisy tries her best, but she tolerates Daisy very well. This is a huge relief as I don't think I could cope in a household where the animals are at war.

  9. Hi Jean, Nice to read that you are settling in beautifully. Somehow, I missed this post. Your new entries no longer seem to pop-up in my reading list :(. Is your dad enjoying his stay? Will he be there for the holidays (Christmas, NY, etc.)? Martine xx

  10. Somehow I missed this post... so I'm late. Congratulations! Happy mowing!

  11. DH wants to get a ride-on mower for the new Welsh garden, but I keep telling him its not big enough. I like the exercise of hand-mowing, but he hasn't given up yet. Your new garden looks enormous!