25 January 2018


Looking through last year’s photos makes me think that Spring was good in Le Grand Pressigny last year.  So much sunshine so early in the year – magic!

Plus flowers in bloom, way before they would normally be in flower in the UK.  Tulips, my favourite flower, rarely make an appearance in Derbyshire before May.


Judging by the content of the pictures we obviously spent a lot of time out and about and in the village.  The chairs come out onto the pavement at the PreHisto bar as soon as sun is warm enough for sitting out, to tempt people to sit in the square and have a drink.  It always works for us!

According to the photos, on the 24th March we had lunch in Loches at this restaurant, the Côté Tour, which opened the previous year I believe.  It’s name comes from being situated near to the Tour Saint Antoine, a sixteenth century bell tower in the centre of town. The restaurant used to be a garage and the paper place mats on the tables have a picture of how it looked at the beginning of the last century, a nice touch.

In the photos it looks like we had the menu du jour, quiche followed by roast pork with mushrooms then prune flan for dessert - delicious!  Also excellent value at just under €13 each.  Plus a little more for wine and coffee of course.

So this is my first attempt for years at writing a blog post using Blogger.  I expect I'll have to get used to it.  Even as I write this it has decided that my text should be written centrally instead of starting on the left.  Hey ho.


  1. Go into your Blogger compose, highlight your text and click on the text justification symbol at the top of box you compose in. Click on your choice of justification styles. Do it paragraph by paragraph, because if your highlighting includes the pictures it probably won't work.

  2. You don't need to highlight all the text in a paragraph. Just click on the paragraph to put the cursor in there and then choose an alignment from the text alignment list. I think you do need to do that for each paragraph. But the default is left-aligned unless you somehow change it.

  3. Thanks to both of you, both ways worked!
    It seems that aligning pictures centrally is what changed things. Now I know how to change it back.
    The whisper is that Open Live Writer is now working normally again but now I have a choice of two methods of publishing so that's good.

    1. Good. It is painful to have to change authoring tools. It can take the pleasure out of blogging. Your results are good, excellent in fact.

  4. Hi I'm so glad that you have carried on with your blog, as recently we bought a house very close to where I think you went with Susan. By reading your blog I have learnt so much about the area.