16 October 2019

FRIENDS AND ART and you just never know what's round the corner.

Hugo with his Auntie Jane.
The weather picked up again for this last weekend, just in time for an annual event that takes place in the next village - L'Art et Lard in Le Petit-Pressigny.  We're glad it did for a number of reasons including the arrival of a visitor, a friend from years back who I haven't seen for twenty seven years. 
My friend Jane now lives in Provence and meeting up again was just as if we had last met only last year, not nearly three decades ago.  Off we went to L'Art et Lard on Sunday, stopping on the way for coffee at our friends Gaynor and Tim's house in the village.  We walked down to the village after coffee just as the local brass band was passing by.  Coming from the north of England it's a familiar and much loved sound, brass bands being ever present at all village events.

L'Art et Lard is a play on the words in French for art and bacon - "lar et lar".  It's a fair for lovers of art and food, the art being displayed in people's outbuildings and gardens around the village and the food in stalls in the village square.  There is a really good selection of both on display and for sale.
Some of the art is not to my taste but I was very taken with the little sculptures of black cats and the stylish figurines.  I would have bought the one of a person reclining in the moon if I had had anywhere to put it.

Most of the prices are not outrageous for good original art.  Our problem is that we are running out of space to put anything else on the walls or surfaces at home, both in France and England.

I really liked these two paintings and now, the weekend being over and the opportunity gone, I wish I had bought one of them.  As I get older I find I love colour, the brighter the better, and these were right up my street.
This fabulous door was in someone's courtyard. 
Don't look too closely at the artwork.
My friend Jane came up with an idea for my passion for doors and windows.  As well as the doors and windows themselves I also love taking pictures of knobs, knockers and, more recently, letter boxes.  I occasionally come across nice ones for sale at brocantes and vide greniers but so far have resisted buying any because I haven't got any nice wooden doors or windows to put them on.  (The house is nicely double glazed with modern doors and windows that let in plenty of light and keep the cold or heat out.)  While we were showing Jane around the house (the "estate" as we like to call it!) she spotted an old wooden door, not quite as nice as the one above (but not far off) lurking and completely forgotten  in our barn and she suggested I decorate it with a collection of knobs, knockers and so on and put it on display somewhere.  It is probably one of the original doors that were removed and discarded when the double glazing was done.  Great idea and one to get stuck into next year I think.

There is definitely something for everyone at L'Art et Lard.
Jane had a nice time with us and yesterday we put her on a train back to Provence, a very, very long journey.  Today it was back to normality beginning with a trip to the vet with Daisy.  About twice a year she gets dermatitis which presents as itchy patches on various parts of her body, this time her back legs.  The itching obviously annoys her, judging by the scratching, and occasionally she ends up with a nasty red raw patch somewhere.  Hence the visit to the vet for treatment.
While we were in the vet's waiting room a couple (mother in her fifties and son in his twenties I would guess) came rushing in carrying a pet wrapped in a towel.  This poor bundle of fluff looked like a small dog who was in a bad way and the receptionist reacted promptly to what was apparently an urgent problem they had phoned ahead.  Just as particulars were being taken, the poor little dog died.  The owners were ushered into the vet's room and came out a bit later tearful and empty handed.  The young man was on the phone to someone, saying "il est parti".  Me and another lady in the waiting room were also in tears.
It seems to me that no matter where you are, there are always people not far away having a worse time of things.  I still feel upset and unsettled having witnessed some people having one of the worst days of their lives, the day their little dog died, and I wish I hadn't had to see it.  On the other hand, it does make me realise how important it is to cherish those we love, each other, our pets, old friends and family.  You never know what's round the corner.
RIP a little dog who meant a great deal to someone.


  1. How lovely to see your chum and the art.
    I would be upset too about the dead dog.
    Indeed a reminder to be grateful and live Life well.

  2. I would be exactly the same about what happened at the vet. It's so upsetting to lose a dog, we both know what that feels like, hard not to get involved emotionally.
    I look forward to seeing a growing collection of door-ware on your old door, what a fun project! :-)