31 January 2020


Brexit Day is upon us.  It's a cold, grey and blustery day here in the UK so to cheer us up I have been browsing through some of last year's photos.
  This is Daisy on one of her favourite perches.  She can keep an eye on what's going on in the field and in the garden at the same time.
Hugo loves being chez nous.  All that space to run around and chase a ball in the sunshine.
The Château at L'Islette.  We visit every year and next time must remember to take a picnic.

A visit to the château at Fougères-sur-Bièvre, always a delight.

The joy of having visitors is that we get to see so many châteaux again.  This one is at Les Ormes, literally just over the hill from us.
Village life.
There's a brocante most weekends.
A patisserie in Chinon, another of our favourite towns to visit.
Bastille Day, waiting for the fireworks at Descartes.
Fête de la moisson at Boussay in August.
Chez nous.
We will be celebrating tonight, but not what you think.
Let all those who believe Brexit will solve their problems and have put their faith in Boris Johnson and his cronies enjoy their fireworks.  We'll be toasting our return to France in a few weeks' time and that thought cheers me up more than anything else.


  1. Hi Jean, I popped over from Ang's blog to say Hello (or Salut!)after seeing your reply to my comment. I agree about Farage. I loathe him. How utterly distasteful. Such a smug, over-privileged and dangerous man.
    How will it affect you living in France?
    These pictures are all good for morale-cheerful, attractive and inspiring! I do love a good Chateau!

    1. Kezzie, welcome, and for the answer to your question, see my previous post.

  2. Is that a specially constructed Daisy perch?

    And some sadder news for you re village life -- did you know that Chez L has gone into liquidation?

    1. Susan, yes and yes. It was erected as a landing stage for her to get down from the barn roof but she loves just sitting there in the evening sunshine, keeping an eye out for prey in the field while enjoying our company.
      Chez L was so good for the village that we're hoping someone else will see the opportunity and take it on.