16 June 2020


My computer files tell me that at this time of year in 2017 we went on a road trip south of our region and ended up at a place called Levroux.

It's an interesting old medieval town, rather down at heel.  However it's a great place for photographing ancient doors and windows and also has this magnificent gateway entrance to the town.

We had nice time wandering around and on leaving we went in search of the old château, which was  actually a ruin.  As we drove away we saw a signpost for a place called Bouges-le-Château so we also went along there to have a look.  It had its own château called Château de Bouges, which was drop dead gorgeous so we returned a few days later for a proper look.

I have a feeling I have posted about Château de Bouges already but can't just find where.  More research into my archives required. 

In any case, it looks like there is a strong chance that we could be heading for France towards the end of July.  We're keeping our fingers crossed and an eye on the situation, which is still not good in the UK.  The number of deaths each day is falling, although at rather a steady rate, and the number of new infections is still alarming.  People were flocking to the shops yesterday for the first day that they re-opened but we're keeping clear for now.  We think that we would have to be pretty unlucky to pick up the virus the way we are living at the moment but don't feel able to take too much of a risk just yet.

Our proposed travel date is a good six weeks away and a lot can change by then.  We're hoping that it will be a change in the right direction but who knows? 


  1. And probably will..! I went to Homebase yesterday for some tomato feed, it was about as busy as I would expect for a Tuesday PM but good supply of hand gel both going in and going out and a useless one way system that nobody appeared to be keeping to. I can now feed my tomato plants Yaaa. Keep safe and safe travels. C

  2. Here in Aus. the Govt. is opening up some borders between some States but I think I will still stay home for a while longer as there are some new cases in Victoria and NSW. I hope you are able to get to France as I know that is what you are longing for, and I suppose you can quarantine yourselves when you get there. Hope all is well with you.

    1. Rosie, we are very envious of how other countries are getting out of the lockdown and especially in France have a much more normal life now. That's the reward for having a early and hard lockdown. Unlike here where we're paying the price for too little too late and we're bracing ourselves for a resurgence, if not a second wave. The foreign office is still advising essential travel only for France but we're hoping that might change.
      Three whole months of not knowing how things will pan out are taking its toll but we're not taking any risks.