21 November 2022


 Portsmouth.  Waiting for the ferry on the evening we set off for France in search of a little house.

11th August 2007.


  1. Whenever I see Portsmouth I think of my neighbour telling me her son was off on a school trip to Portessmoo.

    1. That sounds to me like somewhere Italian! I wonder how long it took you to work out what she meant?!

  2. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog. My little dog was given the all clear by the vets today - he should come though; now just a matter of time. We got him a french passport this year - hopefully he will be well enough to come with us in December. Next year my son goes to college and that will be a 'big decision' time for us I suspect... Either way we'll be spending more time there than we have for the last two years