25 November 2022



The inside of the little house on the day we first saw it.

18th August 2007.

Of all the furniture and other stuff, the only item I wanted was the cake stand.  

It went to house clearance along with everything else that could be removed but I found it for sale at a brocante many years later.  

I like to think it was the same one, anyway.

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  1. We needed a cheap dining-room table for our house in Drefféac (Loire Atlantique) and were unaware, at the time, about the existence of But. Tried the local furniture shop in nearby Pontchateau and were overwhelmed by the comical lack of choice. Every item was at least 50% overweight for its function, especially the legs where development had ground to a halt when Ultra-Gothic was all the rage. The vendeuse, whose corporeal angularity suggested an ailment she'd caught from the furniture, pointed out a table which must have weighed close to a tonne and observed, C'est massif. Repeated this as if it were a mantra. We could do nothing but agree.