13 December 2023


The annual round up of our time shared between our French and English homes.

By January we had been back in the UK since the end of October and there were still two months to go before we returned to France.

Daisy was recovering well after her major surgery.

We enrolled for a watercolour painting class to help pass the long, dark evenings.

We had a new flat roof on the bungalow.

No more leaks!

My ancient sewing machine was misbehaving and would only sew backwards.

I treated myself to a new one.


  1. I love the bird picture. And I think that sewing machine is lovely. You are the second of my friends to replace their sewing machines this year. I'm looking at doing so in 2024. It's amazing how technology had come on in the decades since we bought our previous ones, isn't it?

    1. My old Bernina was at least thirty years old but had become cantankerous and obstinate in its old age! The new one is a dream to use.

  2. Love the Blue Tit, well done. My 30 year old sewing machine is not behaving well and the service I had here was €100. I did not pay that much for it new! Cheers Diane

  3. Yes, I've been meaning to say how lovely the blue tit is, done with such care and attention.
    My machine is an Elna Lotus, dating back to 1980. Very, very simple! But oh so portable. I haven't taken it out for a run for a couple of years now.