4 December 2023


Winter is almost upon us here in Touraine.
Some days more so than others.

Whilst en route to the supermarket on a fine morning I took some photos.
 Autumn colours in all their glory, before they disappear.

On the way back home we stopped to look at the dolmen, the standing stones at Le Châtelier.

The hamlet of Le Châtelier is very pretty.
We go through it every time we go to the shops in Descartes.

Driving around the area I have lately noticed something strange happening.  


Village signs have begun to appear upside down.  At first I thought it was possibly some kind of process in mounting new signs but when so many villages had them decided it must be another reason.

If you want to know what it's all about read my friend Susan's post here.


  1. I do love the colours and skies in your photos. They really cheered me up after we’ve been plunged into 5 days of seriously wintry weather and are now experiencing a dull, murky thaw with constant rainfall. Oh and thanks for the link to Susan’s blog, I got to the end of your post and really wanted an explanation!

    1. A day like this one makes up for the endless cold and greyness of winter, which I dread more and more as time goes by.
      Possibly because when I was working I didn't get out as much so didn't notice it!