27 February 2011


Not far from Le Grand-Pressigny is the village of Ligueil.  It’s one of those places that are so easy to just pass through, without taking a proper look.


In actual fact, Ligueil is not that easy to get through at all, especially on market day, when it can be very slow going.  The road through is narrow, and having to stop every few moments behind parked cars to let lorries pass, or trying to avoid pedestrians as they step off the pavement to pass each other can be frustrating.  Not to mention waiting for them to exchange greetings and bisous whilst actually standing in the road!

We have often contemplated the difference between Ligueil and Le Grand-Pressigny in this respect and realised that our one-way rule along the busiest street makes driving through it a delight rather than a nuisance.


One day we decided to stop and look around.  Ligueil has a fine church, shops, restaurants and all the usual commerces.  We found a good pizza restaurant in the square by the church called the Mandolin and have eaten there several times since we discovered it.  I can very much recommend the lasagne and the tiramisu.  Nick enjoys the pizzas.


It’s so lovely to see the blue sky and flowers in these photos.  I have enjoyed looking back on our summer holidays.  Considering that February is the shortest month in the year, it sometimes seems to last the longest. 


I wasn’t sure if this sign meant I should or shouldn’t park here.  I did and nobody seemed to mind.


Nick was pleased to find a new source of fishing tackle.




Around the back of the church is this long-closed shop.


And also these very public “facilities”.


  1. What a beautiful place. I love seeing all the trees and flowers, thoughtfully places and well cared for. The church and shops are also delightful, though the one behind the church brings sadness, as does any boarded-up place.

    Thank you for sharing this brightness.

  2. The red circle always means "no." In this case, interdit au cyclomoteurs. But you got away with it!

  3. As there was no line across the sign I also would have wondered, but as wcs says it means no I will take his word for it!
    Jean there so many lovely places in France, not sure about those public facilities though! I know just what you mean about market day, not a good time to drive through a village at this time!! Diane

  4. Back in 92 we stayed in a gite just outside Ligueil on the way to Ciran--and started our love affair with the area. Then the square round the church was a sad place. Now it's really nice with the fountain & planting. We like the Mandolin too.

  5. Your lovely photos remind me of all the great times we've spent in the Touraine over the last decade. Can't wait to go back!

  6. Lovely photos of a beautiful area, Jean. Must explore the inner working of Blogger to find out how to add some to mine.

  7. Super photographs Jean.
    What a lovely blue sky. Like you all we've done is drive through but you've tempted me to stop off. I've made a note of the Mandolin!

    WV is 'mingin'!!!

  8. It looks beautiful Jean. Your take excellent photographs.

  9. Your bike didn't match the picture on the sign, so you shouldn't have parked there :)
    We were looking at properties for sale near your place. Thgere are still bargains around.

  10. Jean, you were probably OK... you were this side of the sign!! Anyway... a Harley isn't a moped [as pictured] it is a powerful sports car with two wheels.

  11. Part warning....we didn't notice new signs.. ;S)
    Part food for thought for the one way versus queue/right of way chaos seen in great contrast all around the Touraine du Sud..

    Descartes is in the throws of being turned into a one way place...I say in the throes as some of the signs are up, some of the cars are now going in the correct direction but half the town is now (it seems) inaccessible...I am sure it iwll all get sorted and the idea seems a good one as like Ligeuil it is the general noisy, mad bun fight of cars trying to get through that takes away from what is another rather lovely little place.

    TTFN/a bientot