11 February 2011


Luze 1

Last July we went to an event at Luzé, a village just south of Verneuil-le Château.

Luze 2

We weren’t quite sure what to expect – some sort of autojumble or car rally. When we got there we found that it was a combination of vide-grenier, old car and motorcycle rally, bikers bash, autojumble, 1940’s event and country and western show.



There were dozens of lovely old cars and motorcycles on display, including this Royal Enfield, which apparently runs on diesel. I didn’t know you could get diesel motorcycles.


There was all the usual stuff for sale, plus a few surprises, including a stash of the “tiger tails” used by Esso to advertise their petrol in the 1970’s.













These two mopeds looked like a bargain - 480€ the pair – if you fancied a double restoration job.


All in all we had a great day out. The sun shone, there were hundreds of people in great spirits having a whale of a time, the frites were tasty and, believe it or not, it was free.

It didn’t cost anything at all to park the car and there was no entrance fee. We didn’t have to fight our way through horrendous Sunday traffic to get there. There was no unpleasant behaviour to be seen and all the youngsters we came across were enjoying themselves without offending anybody.

So different from here in the UK, where we would have arrived with our nerves jangling because of the traffic and would more than likely have had to shell out a hefty parking fee and at least a fiver each to get in. At Luzé all we paid for was our little cone of frites.

I think we’ll go again this year.


  1. Love your header. It amazes me how much junk seems to go on sale at these things but occasionally I see the odd thing of interest. I guess one man's meat is another man's poison!! Diane

  2. Diane - one man's junk is another man's cherished antique !

  3. I am so impressed by the amazing variety of topics you find to post about; all well researched and illustrated with meaningful and relevant photographs.
    Do you keep a notebook in which catalogue events for future posts?

  4. Sounds like my sort of day -your post sounds like a most relaxing day. That Royal Enfield is a beauty and I'd love to fossick amongst that junk.

  5. Love spending a day at these kind of events and bought a really useful(at Super U in Loches) paperback which lists all the 2011 brocantes/vide greniers events for the whole of the Centre region.

  6. Gaynor - Thank you! It's all down to the wonders of digital photography. I take my little camera with me everywhere and snap away at anything and everything.

    Leon - Fossicking is a great word - presumably the same as rummaging. There were hundreds of lovely old bikes and cars to see - more photos will follow!

    Antoinette - thanks for the tip. I will get a copy next time we are chez nous - I would hate to miss anything!

  7. Jean: I'm not sure they still have them. We picked one up in Jan in the electro/librarie section of the SuperU at Loches. Last time we were there I didn't see any. There is a website www.agendanationaldesbrocantes.com where you can order a copy as long as you do so before 30 June. Click on 'bon de commande'

  8. I'll look for this book next week Jean. Let me know if you would like me to pick up a copy for you.

  9. Luze is a nice village. There are 5 Brits living in village centre. Two permanent residents, one summer owner from Wales and two summer owners from Buckinghamshire!