16 February 2011



When we went to Luzé last July for the auto/vide grenier event, there was a field reserved for a huge display of old army vehicles and other wartime memorabilia.


It was all very impressive stuff.  There were trucks, armoured cars, tents and and all kinds of things I had never seen before, except on the TV.

am 1

There were people in military uniforms and Glen Miller music emanating from one of the tents.




I thought the rifle in the holster could come in handy sometimes!!


This might be even better !!


Apparently there is a very active society that collects all this gear and tours around, displaying it here and there.  I don’t remember what they’re called but there were leaflets around listing where they were going to be through the summer.  Unfortunately we were not going to be chez nous when they were next in town, which is a pity.  It looked like fun.  We shall have to look out for them again this year.


  1. Fascinating, I love history museums but the way they've done this is so accessible, rather than being behind roped off displays. Looks like fund for the people doing it too.

  2. Intersting memorabilia isn't it. Americans left loads behind in France;(and rest of Europe)anything used --a little or a lot-- was left as new stuff was being churned out at such a rate at home that there was no point taking back used stuff. So good news for collectors and enthusiasts.

  3. N & A - somewhere on our travels we have passed a large field full of old American army trucks, somewhere near us but I can't remember where.

  4. Love that motorbike and side car. We saw one here at the weekend with a dog sitting in the side car with a big grin on its face :)) Diane

  5. Diane - I can just imagine the grin that would be on Lulu's face!! Mind you, she'd be out of the sidecar like a rocket as soon as we passed someone having lunch "al fresco" !!

  6. We see a lot of these old military vehicules in and around of the town of Bastogne, where the battle of the Bulge took place in December 1944. There's also a local museum which has a very impressive collection of authentic memorabilia of the battle. Maybe you should visit it if you ever come to Belgium.

  7. As long as nobody thinks that, since you've got the equipment, there should be another war. NO!!

  8. Martine - these places are always very interesting.

    Sadie - I think these objects are interesting from the point of view of their mechanics and how they performed. I don't think anyone is romanticising the war.