18 September 2011



Preuilly-sur-Claise was dressed in its Sunday best on the 21st August for the Comice Agricole.


This is old news now, and you may have seen it in other blogs, but for me it’s good to look back and remember.


To remember that no matter what the event in France, if it’s outdoors, there will be a brocante!


To remember that it was a beautiful day - the sun shone brightly and there was hardly a cloud to be seen in the sky.

comice3 comice4 comice5  comice7   comice10

Now that the nights are drawing in and the evenings are getting chilly, to remember how warm it was, standing in the shade, as people, some of whom were definitely no spring chickens, marched and danced for our entertainment.  It was about 32°C and they all deserved a medal.

  comice12 comice13 comice14

This Breton group were my second favourites ~ the bagpipes were wonderful.  Although I thought the person offering CD’s and DVD’s of their performance for sale was a little optimistic!  I suppose if you really can’t find something to watch on the telly on a rainy night in February, it might come in handy!


The costumes were amazing and they must have been so hot in all those layers. 



This group were my absolute favourites.  The music was rousing and jolly ~ there was barely a single person in the crowd not tapping their feet or clapping their hands as they went by.



I suppose they did have an advantage, in that their clothes were more suitable for performing in the baking heat.


 comice20 comice21

   comice25  comice24

What I remember most is how blue the sky was, how good it was to feel warm and surrounded by people enjoying themselves.  How wonderful it was to be back in our special little corner of France.  And it was only a month ago.


  1. This was so delightful, and fun to peruse through!! Must admit....I am a bit jealous....wish I was there!!

  2. Oh, but is seems like such a beautiful time, as you've told it, Jean.
    Bagpipes you say? Well, Brittany is a Celtic as Ireland or Scotland, so why not.
    May these memories keep you warm all winter.

  3. It looked like a lovely 'do', and I would love to have watched it as well, but I guess that I did via the lens of your camera!

  4. Ah, summer! I miss it already, and it's not even gone yet! It's feeling very fall-like right now. I'm hoping for a little of what we call Indian Summer in the coming weeks. Hoping...

  5. I just love these events in France, I have never seen them anywhere else but they always seem special here. It is very definitely cooling down though and I now am looking forward to spring. Winter and I do not agree!!! Love your photos. Take care Diane

  6. Great pix Jean.... we waited for the lads on stilts, but then had to go elsewhere. 'Twas great looking at what we'd missed due to dubbel bookin'.
    We'd seen Menglaz elsewhere and I bought one of the CDs... great music [I love squeezed cat music] and the sleeve notes are very interesting... they are a Bretton community from just along the Loire from Angers. They were 'imported' in the late 19th and early 20th Centuries for the slate mining skills they had and have kept their traditions alive.

    However, the WV is 'mberse'... so I'm sure that people will get their money back... ;-)

  7. It looks like a splendid occasion and your photographs are a temptation. Sadly we missed it, as we had been to something similar at Chinon the previous day. We'll definitely put it on the calendar dor next year!

  8. what glorious costumes
    Thanks for the kind comment on my blog!

  9. Good pics Jean bringing the Comice Agricole to life. By chance we drove through Preuilly on our way back from Bordeaux on the 20th and it was somewhat of a nightmare because of all the closed roads and diversions!

  10. What great shots and descriptions. I feel like I was there. (I would have been one of the suckers buying a bagpipes CD.)