6 April 2021



Here in Derbyshire, this time last week we were basking in warm sunshine, getting ready to light the barbecue.  On Wednesday we reached a heady 22°C. 
This lockdown's not so bad after all, I thought.

Then the schools broke up for the Easter holidays!

Yesterday we had snow, which thankfully disappeared pretty quickly and the sun came out in the afternoon.  We spent a happy couple of hours belatedly celebrating a friend's 70th birthday, socially distanced outdoors, wrapped up in blankets.  (It wasn't that sunny!)

Today the weather looked promising early on but we've had hail storms on and off all afternoon and it's bitterly cold.  Much more like the Easter holidays of my own childhood, spent indoors, in front of the coal fire, doing jigsaw puzzles or playing cards with my cousins.

Now it's snowing again!!

April showers!!


  1. Replies
    1. Snow in April is not that unusual in the north!

  2. If you were in France Jean you would be able to go nowhere and be stuck within 10k. Make the most of it and get out and about whilst you can. Your welcome to visit us anytime. Cant give you the weather though!!!

    1. As it happens, we rarely go further than 10k (about 6 miles) from home in the UK!