21 April 2021


On 21st April 2017 we were invited for lunch with our friends who live at Champagne.

Champagne is a small hamlet just over the hill from us.  Before lunch we went for a walk to build up and appetite.  Up in the hills we came across this herd of Charolais cattle.

They rushed over to see who we were.

I wonder if they knew how lucky they were to have such a beautiful view from their field!


  1. Our neighbouring farmer used to breed Charolais cattle and they are quite beautiful but noisy when they chew according to a visitor from London who stayed with us. When we asked how she’d slept, she confessed their grazing in the field next to our garden had kept waking her up although nightlong sirens and traffic in London never did!

    1. Our previous house in the UK had a field at the back and the the cattle liked to gather by the hedge. The noise of their chewing and passing wind was occasionally very distracting!
      However, the day two of the cows somehow managed to break through the hedge was more eventful. I arrived home with the dog to find them eating our garden and making an awful mess. The dog took chase and chased them over several hedges into neighbouring gardens, followed by me, until they came across a brick wall. They took a left turn down the garden path past the man mowing his lawn and emerged onto the pavement. The cows turned right down the road and my dog, who was blind in his right eye, turned left by mistake. I caught hold of him as he did a handbrake turn to chase after them and then nonchalantly led him home by the collar. I phoned the farmer to tell him two of his cows had escaped onto the road and luckily he didn't ask for any details of how!

  2. No doubt the Charolais thouht the same about the view - they certasinly seem interested in you,