2 August 2014


Having been two weeks too late for the chance to buy the house of my dreams with the turret, I was feeling ever so slightly depressed as we made our way to the next rendezvous with a hopeful vendor.

house hunting11

When we landed outside this house I didn’t quite know what to think.  Looking something like a cross between the starship enterprise and an English cricket pavilion this house was certainly not ordinary in any sense of the word!

house hunting11b

Once inside, things began to look much more promising.  The house had a lovely solid front door and a good sized entrance hall with a staircase leading up to an open landing. 

house hunting11c

There was a huge living room laid out as sitting and dining areas.  The place felt almost baronial with high ceilings, lovely oak beams, a tiled floor, lots of traditional furniture and ornaments.  Along the length of the room there were doors opening onto a large, tiled, south facing terrace.  After a poor first impression this house was looking very tempting.

house hunting11d

I find the word “potential” annoying when used by agents.  If a house is described as “having potential” it usually means that there is an awful lot of work to do, which might be worth doing if you can see through the wreckage to the potential that lies hidden.  It also often means that you need a lot of imagination to appreciate this potential and plenty of spare cash to realise it.

house hunting11e

But this house definitely seemed to have potential.  The kitchen was very small but could have been enlarged by sacrificing a downstairs bathroom.  The bedrooms were small and it needed a new bathroom but underneath all that work I could see that there was the potential to make this into a lovely home.

The problem was the view.

 house hunting11f

The house had a fabulous view over the river Anglin.  It was designed and built in 1950 for the village doctor who wanted such a view and since then permission has not been granted for any other houses to be built in a similar position, making it absolutely unique.

house hunting11g

The view was incredible but was achieved as a result of the house being perched above a steep, tree covered slope down to the river.  From the terrace the garden sloped away gently for a few metres then dropped suddenly, almost vertically to the river which seemed to be at least 50m below.  All of it came with the house, including the river bank.

The garden and the wooded slope would be extremely difficult to maintain.  There was a lot of work required to tame the upper part into a nice garden and that was completely possible to do.  But I had no idea how you would tackle a tree covered sheer drop.  The vendor was perfectly candid about it and said that even as a boy he would not venture down the slope for fear of falling and having difficulty getting back up.  Since his father died the house has been unused and he and his brother have simply employed people to chop back some of the undergrowth twice a year.

Once again we spent a long time looking at this house, trying to work out if we could make it work for us.  I wondered if we could simply build the terrace out further over the sheer drop and ignore what went on underneath.  That would give us a wonderful outdoor area with a fabulous and unique view.  For the first time we were seriously tempted.

We waved to some canoeists as they paddled by below us.  After a while reality kicked in and we walked away. 

The house itself had potential to become a lovely home for relaxing, entertaining and generally enjoying life in this beautiful part of France.  Perched on its sheer drop down to the river, it also had the potential for a whole lot of work and trouble, if not a serious accident.

Bon weekend !!


  1. Your getting closer, it will arrive very soon I am sure. I know just how frustrating it is looking for the right place. Friends have just bought about an hour from us, they have been hunting for the right place for years. A couple of offers made came to nothing. What they have now is amazing, but oh so many weeds to sort out. They moved in this weekend, take a look at http://plustranquille.blogspot.fr/
    Have a good Sunday, bon courage Diane

  2. It seems that you are getting closer to finding something that you could enjoy. No matter what you see it is "not quite right." I know the feeling.

    Best wishes in the continuing hunt.

    Blessings and Bear hugs!

  3. Jean - we are following your journey for a new life with great interest as we are close to experiencing the same. While I'm giving our home a spruce up, Sue continues to search the internet Real Estate sites for our future home - still possibly two years away.

  4. The interior of the house and the view are delightful. I probably would have only seen the positives ( the reason why My French Folly has caused me so much angst). Well done on being so analytical and Logical. I'm sure that, when you do buy your home, it will suit your life-style perfectly. Warm regards

  5. How much would Buildings insurance cost - if you could get it? Lovely interior though.P.

  6. I really hope you will find your perfect spot soon. enjoy hunting/Jaana

  7. Oh, shoot. What a great-looking house!!

  8. I'm sure you will come across the exact place very soon. What an adventure! Phil xxx

  9. Such a shame. It sure looked wonderful inside. But to me this is a good sign, you ARE seeing some possibilities. Your house will show up soon.

  10. You won't have to make the 'right' house fit your needs, and as soon as you step inside the door you will absolutely know that 'this is the one'. This is not the right one because you ummed and aahhed and finally walked away. If it had of been the right one then you would have said 'yes' and then thought about what to do about the drop into the river later on. So keep on looking. I am thoroughly enjoying shopping for houses with you! Vx

  11. I agree with everyone else that you'll know the right house when you find it, but I can certainly see why this one, with its huge living-room and lovely view, tempted you at first. Every house you visit will help you define better just what it is you really want. Bonne chance.