23 May 2021



The festival of roses at Chédigny, May 2014.

And in May 2016.

Barrie's rose.
My retirement gift from Barrie and Edith in 2013, fragrant and beautiful.  Still going strong?.......we hope so, and hope to find out soon.
If we hadn't met Barrie, we may never have bought our little house in the village.
You can read about it here.


  1. Miss Barrie! Lovely guy..... yes, two angels.... one very practical one.
    If that rose isn't alive, I'd be very surprised.... they seem to have loved this winter.... strong new growth on all ours.

  2. Gorgeous rose photos! I'm always so grateful for the owners who put in time and effort to grow and train their roses so we can all appreciate them when we walk through the smaller towns and villages.

  3. A festival of roses - how lovely. I love their scent.

  4. Those pictures do make me want to close my eyes and inhale the scent. Meanwhile, here in cold, wet North Yorkshire I’m yet to spot rosebuds on my plants.

    1. The scent in the village of Chédigny during the rose season is divine.

  5. lovely!
    Roses grow well here as there is no humidity to spread black spot.