30 May 2021



I confess that with a glass of chilled rosé in our hands we did not drink a toast to the happy couple who married in secret yesterday.  The sky was blue and the sun shone brightly as we ate our wholemeal wraps (we ordered plain but they were substituted) of smoked salmon and cream cheese in the garden today.

Instead we drank a toast to all those thousands of couples whose plans may or may not come about this year.  Those with cancelled holidays, postponed weddings, the lost celebrations.  Last but not least the many people who died unnecessarily and alone.


  1. My niece, and my nephew have both postponed their weddings. Today we were able to have lunch together with our daughters and their families for the first time since August. Unbelievably precious time spent together today - and conscious, as you say, of the thousands who have missed out. And of those who will always have an empty space at the table now...

    1. Angela, so glad you got to meet up with your family after all this time. I expect you had a wonderful time and it serves to remind us of what is more important than anything else.

  2. Almost a gargoyle in its features.

  3. I'll second your toast - and add, here's to brighter times ahead.