2 June 2021


2nd June 2019.
We were safely installed chez nous for the summer.

Hugo and Daisy were settled into their summer home.
The roses were in full bloom.

It was the last time we spent a whole summer there, able to come and go as we please, to pop back to England for a couple of weeks then go back again, unhindered by complicated and expensive travel arrangements.

The picnic shelter was up and running, the venue for long, lazy lunches and convivial gatherings of friends and family.

Today the news is of zero UK deaths from the coronavirus.  That's good news.  (Zero on top of the 128,000 so far, that is.)  Yet still, we are not welcome in France.  Congratulations to those who made a run for it in the last few weeks.  

If you have any doubt about how we got to where we are with coronavirus read this enlightening article by Jeremy Vine.  And if you want to know what danger lies ahead, try this one by Simon Wren-Lewis.

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