13 November 2023


Well I have to say that the weather both here in France, and while I was back in the UK, has been pretty dismal.  We've had endless rainy days.

On Nick's birthday the rain held off until teatime.  We had booked a birthday lunch at a restaurant in Chatillon sur Indre.  We had been there before, but only once and many years ago.  I remember thinking on that occasion that the food was ok but nothing special.  It was recommended to us recently by friends who went there a few weeks ago so we thought it worth another try.

We were not disappointed.
Excellent starters.  Oeufs en cocotte for him, scallops for me.

We both chose the veal for main course.
Followed by roasted figs with ice cream and a good espresso.

We liked the very traditional French interior.
Nothing fancy, just comfortable and welcoming with excellent service.

We'll be adding it to our list of favourite places to eat.

After lunch the weather was still dry and not too cold so we had a walk around town.

It was completely deserted, which is hardly surprising because it was a bank holiday.
In fact the reason we chose the restaurant (apart from it being recommended) was because several of our other favourites were closed that day.

Chatillon is a great town for photo opportunities.
That is if, like me, you are fascinated by buildings, doors and windows.

There is a lot of very sad looking, abandoned and dilapidated property.

The main street was like a ghost town.
Even more of the shops and cafes seemed to have closed.

 I do wonder why it is that some towns, steeped in history, with a nice boulevard, an ancient monument and good road access still just fade away.  There are thriving supermarkets and other stores very close to the town centre but that centre is gradually dying.
Very sad.


  1. Happy Birthday Nick. Nigel's birthday was on Friday. We went to a local restaurant that has a Michelin star and we had a fabulous meal as well.
    Cheers Diane.

  2. Happy Birthday Nick
    All the best Christine & Richard

    1. Nick says thank you! I hope you are both keeping well and it's lovely to see that you still read the blog! x

  3. Love the ambience in your photos but yes what awful weather. I went to bed last night with a bit of hope based on the weather forecast I’d seen earlier in the day, but woke up this morning to more of that incessant rain

  4. It was wet and misty when we drove back through France. We had our picnic lunch in a Macdonalds car park and I got soaked nipping in for two coffees.

  5. Lovely photos but I liked the smiling fellow at dinner the best.

    1. He was a very happy bunny that day, tucking into a good lunch!